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Analyze Common Problems And Solutions Of Advertising Player

As advertising player is more and more widely used, users often ignored in the later use daily maintenance problems, will affect the stability of the system directly, AMH analyzes common problems and solutions of advertising player for everyone, hoping to help to you, as follows:


1. It does not respond when the advertising machine is plugged in the power.

In this case first to check whether the dedicated power supply electricity, users can try to take the advertising machine down then open it’s behind cover for inspection, and check there is whether the material is loss or loose.

AMH provides Testing Method: If the amount of ten thousand under the power LED is normal to prove there is electricity, it ruled out the power failure. Next, you need to pass on the turn to check decoders, driver board of advertising player, power is applied to the LCD screen to see if the problem is caused by parts not energized.


2. Advertising machine is no sound.

In such cases the same machine to open the back cover advertising, using a multimeter to check the effectiveness of the board is powered drive, then check the speaker cable is properly connected. If the horn a lot of noise phenomena, to show that advertising drive board has been damaged, replace immediately.


3. Advertising screen does not display, the front panel flashes.

In such cases, the user must check the signal wiring advertising machine monitor and the computer is firmly and carefully view the signal line connected to the socket if there are problems, if the pins are bent, broken and other damage phenomena need to be replaced.


4. Advertising screen flicker.

In such cases, firstly you need to check the magnetic fields, power supply and other external factors surrounding the exclusion advertising, without exception, we need comprehensive inspection advertising display graphics driver is a mounting problem. If the above problems are excluded, then the user can try to improve the refresh rate with 75HZ, if it is not feasible to require professional inspection.

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