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How To Properly Maintain Advertising Machine

How to properly maintain advertising machine


Whether car advertisement machine or building advertising machine, use after a period of time for maintenance, cleaning, so as to prolong its life.


1.Q: if the advertising machine is dirty, how to clean the shell?


A:You can use a cotton cloth water wipe, be careful not to use any other cleaner, it will lose the shell factory characteristic luster.


2. Q: switch on the LCD, the interference of mixed grain appeared on the screen?


A:Has this kind of situation is the signal interference caused by the display card, this is normal phenomenon. Can be automatically or manually adjust the phase to solve the problem.

3.Q: how to clean the LCD screen advertising machine


Answer: can use wet cloth to clean the LCD screen, pay attention to try not to use wet cloth containing moisture is too heavy, so as not to have water into the screen and cause the LCD internal short circuit fault, etc. Recommended, lens paper and other soft glasses cloth to wipe the LCD screen, this can avoid moisture into the LCD, and will not scratch the screen.


4.Q:before cleaning and maintenance of the advertising machine, what to do first. What are the considerations?


A:Before cleaning the machine screen, please unplug the power cord, ensure the power of the advertising machine, then use a clean soft cloth gently without thread dusted off dust, do not directly on the screen to use spray; It is important to note the following five points:


A.Don‘t put the product in the rain, the sun exposure, so as not to affect normal use of the product;



B.Please don‘t put advertisements on the machine shell vent, audio pronunciation hole blockage, do not place the advertising machine in the radiator, heat source, or any other near may affect the normal ventilation equipment;


C.Don‘t to remove or repair by oneself, advertising machine in order to avoid high voltage electric shock or other danger, if you need repair, should be with Mercedes professional advisory guidance, if not directly return to factory maintenance;


D.Because advertising machine is most used in public places, when the voltage instability, may be the cause of advertising machine equipment damage. Suggest using stable utility, must not, and the elevator together using a high power equipment such as power supply. , such as voltage instability often places such as subway station, etc., be sure to use the corresponding voltage stabilizing voltage equipment, otherwise easy to destabilize advertising machine work, and even burn out advertising machine;


E.When the card, if not, please do not load, so as not to damage the card pin. At this time should check whether the card inserted. In addition, please don‘t on plug press card, should be turned off after the operation

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